Areas of Practice
Estate Planning
This involves the preparation of a plan to accomplish the orderly transfer of assets to and for the benefit of the client's loved ones, the preservation of wealth, and, where appropriate, asset protection and incapacity planning.

Estate Taxation Planning
Estate taxation planning focuses on preserving assets from estate, gift, and income taxation through the use of trusts, asset repositioning and other mechanisms.

Long Term Care/Special Needs Planning
This specialized type of planning focuses on counseling clients and their families on a variety of long-term care issues in conjunction with estate planning and estate taxation planning. We advise clients on how to preserve their assets from the cost of long-term care without jeopardizing the quality of their lives. This also involves preparing the application for long-term care benefits, if needed, pursuant to such planning. As well, we help clients plan for the care and financial needs of minor and adult children with special needs.

Estate Administration
As attorneys for the personal representative (formerly called "executor") of an estate, we will see an estate through the entire estate administration process. This often includes marshalling assets, preparing the estate inventory, selling or transferring real estate or other property, trust funding, preparing and filing the estate tax return, and ultimately providing for the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

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